Tiny Tuesday: Stealing Houses

Here are a few recent headlines:

Tiny House Reported Stolen in California

Tiny Stolen Home Has Been Recovered on City’s South Side

Police in Kansas Find Stolen Tiny House

Many homeowners take steps to protect their houses from burglary, but few ever worry about the entire house being stolen. That is one thing on the mind of a tiny-house-on-wheels resident. If your home is lightweight and highway legal, it’s not all that hard for someone with a truck to hitch up the trailer and disappear.

Unless you make it hard. A hitch lock fits around the hitch end of a trailer and prevents it from attaching to a vehicle. A wheel lock is similar to the boot used by parking enforcement and prevents the trailer from rolling. Both devices are easy to remove if you have the key, so put that key in a safe place where you can find it next time you move. This kind of security is not expensive for the investment it protects.


Trailer hitch locks.

You can also locate your house where it’s very difficult to move, at least without the neighbors noticing. If you’re able, you can put your tiny house inside a fence, down a slope, or behind a friend’s house to deter theft. Jacking up the trailer and taking off a couple wheels wouldn’t hurt, either.

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