Design: If you’re building from scratch, PERCH provides structural and civil design of custom homes, offices, decks, bridges, outbuildings, and anything else you need. If you’re remodeling a residential or commercial property, a Professional Engineer (PE) can identify load-bearing elements and produce safe, aesthetic designs to match your vision.

Drafting: PERCH provides expert skills in CADD (computer-aided design and drafting) and can produce professional drawings including sketch plans, final plans, and shop drawings for any project.

Evaluation: Suppose your business was damaged by a flood. Or your roof sags under a heavy snow load. Or your house is just plain old and things don’t look the way they should. PERCH will visit your property, identify structural issues, and recommend solutions.

Consulting: If you’ve already hired an architect for your project, or if you’re the do-it-yourself type, PERCH can walk you through the structural requirements. For contractors, PERCH offers construction-phase services, planning crane picks and other incidental calculations.

Analysis: PERCH reviews designs by architects, design-build firms, and other engineers to check structural soundness and compliance with international, state, and local building codes.

Stamp: The stamp and signature of a PE carry legal liability and reflect the technical education, years of practical experience, and rigorous testing required to attain this license. Commercial and public projects require a PE stamp. For residential construction, though the stamp is rarely compulsory, do you really want to live in a house without one?