Structural Reviews

PERCH evaluates houses and other structures to recommend retrofitting. PERCH can also consult on the structural adequacy of planned additions.

Waitsfield School, Waitsfield, VT

Waitsfield Elementary School purchased a climbing rope and two pairs of gymnastic rings for gym classes. PERCH developed details to connect the apparatus to existing ceiling joists, and analyzed the roof to confirm it could sustain the additional weight.

ChipmanSt.jpg84 Chipman St, South Burlington, VT

PERCH evaluated the structural components of this house, which was built with insufficient headroom on the basement stairs. PERCH developed details to eliminate one first floor joist and replace it with a sister beam, enabling the stair to meet code. PERCH also evaluated the second-floor stair landing and determined how to reconfigure the framing to eliminate a bumpout in the wall below.