1057 Herring Brook Rd

PERCH worked with a Moretown, VT homeowner who received a grant from FEMA to elevate his house 7 feet for flood mitigation. Messier House Moving performed the actual lift. PERCH specified a procedure to break up the existing basement slab for proper drainage, fill and compact over it, and place a new ground-level slab. The compacted soil was tested during construction to verify adequate density and moisture content. PERCH also designed a weld detail for the new steel beam supporting the second floor, and a wall with anchor bolts to connect the elevated house down to its original foundation.

15 Little Farm Rd

PERCH designed two header beams for a house in South Hero, VT, enabling the homeowner to remove a wall. Steel beam and flitch plate solutions were discarded due to their weight and complexity. A quadruple LVL picked up the floor joist loads over an 18-foot span while maintaining the existing ceiling height. PERCH designed columns built into the stud walls to support the header beams, and also developed an installation procedure including temporary support of the floor joists.

100 Thurston Lane

PERCH designed improvements to the structural systems of a house in Waterbury Center, VT, to support a new hardwood floor and oak staircase. PERCH worked with the homeowner to support the staircase while minimizing disruption to the floor plan, offering and value-engineering several options. PERCH also strengthened several existing joists that were notched to accommodate utilities like air ducts, developing a plan to install sister joists as easily as possible.