A perch is a place to land – a rugged, efficient structure that fits your needs. It’s not ostentatious; it has no unnecessary parts. A perch gets the job done, clean and simple.

PERCH is a civil engineering practice guided by the same straightforward approach to problem solving. Whether you’re building something new, concerned about damage to your property, or looking for guidance on a complex project, PERCH aims to maximize your value by combining low operating costs with honest, constructible solutions.

Your building questions answered

Good communication makes good projects. PERCH works closely with you from start to finish, and won’t charge a penny until the budget and scope of work are clear. Here are a few of the services PERCH offers:

Design: If you’re building from scratch, PERCH provides structural and civil design of custom homes, offices, decks, bridges, outbuildings, and anything else you need. If you’re remodeling a residential or commercial property, a Professional Engineer (PE) can identify load-bearing elements and produce safe, aesthetic designs to match your vision.

Drafting: The PERCH team provides expert skills in CADD (computer-aided design and drafting) and can produce professional drawings including sketch plans, final plans, and shop drawings for any project.

Evaluation: Suppose your business was damaged by a flood. Or your roof sags under a heavy snow load. Or your house is very old and things just don’t look the way they should. PERCH will visit your property, identify structural issues, and recommend solutions.

Consulting: If you’ve already hired an architect for your project, or if you’re the do-it-yourself type, PERCH can walk you through the structural requirements. For contractors, PERCH offers construction-phase services, planning hoist attachments and other incidental calculations. Anytime you need a letter from an engineer, let PERCH be that engineer.

Analysis: PERCH reviews designs by architects, design-build firms, and other engineers to check for structural soundness and compliance with international, state, and local building codes.

Stamp: The stamp and signature of a P.E. carry legal liability and reflect the technical education, years of practical experience, and rigorous testing required to attain this license. Commercial and public projects require a P.E. stamp. For residential construction, the stamp may not be required but can give a homeowner peace of mind. At this time PERCH can stamp projects in Vermont and Massachusetts.

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PERCH is a PLC – a professional limited liability company – based in Vermont and fully insured.