Your building questions answered

PERCH has worked successfully in many markets, with diverse clients including homeowners, business owners, contractors, architects, property managers, realtors, and local governments. Here are some of the services PERCH offers.

Design: For homeowners and others building from scratch, PERCH provides structural and septic design of custom homes, offices, decks, bridges, and more. For additions and remodels, PERCH can identify load-bearing elements and produce safe, aesthetic designs to match your vision.

Drafting: PERCH provides expert CADD skills and can produce professional drawings including site plans, sketch plans, details, construction sequence diagrams, and as-built drawings for any project.

Analysis: PERCH reviews designs by architects, design-build firms, and other engineers to check for structural soundness and compliance with international, state, and local building codes. PERCH also analyzes existing buildings for their capacity to carry extra loads, such as a roof deck or solar panels.

Evaluation: Homeowners and potential homebuyers may wonder about the long-term integrity of their property, especially when things just don’t look the way they should. PERCH will visit the property, identify structural issues, and recommend solutions that fit your budget. P.E. stamp available on written reports.

Consulting: Whether you’re a do-it-yourself homeowner seeking to remove a loadbearing wall, an architect planning a custom build, or a property manager doing deferred maintenance, PERCH can walk you through the structural requirements. Anytime you need a letter from an engineer, let PERCH be that engineer.

Construction Services: PERCH communicates directly with contractors, offers on-call calculations, and addresses constructability issues as they arise. Expect a quick response time and superb customer support throughout the process, with inspections as necessary during and after work.