A perch is a place to land – a rugged, efficient structure that fits your needs. It’s not ostentatious; it has no unnecessary parts. A perch gets the job done, clean and simple.

PERCH is a civil engineering practice guided by the same straightforward approach to problem solving. Whether you’re building something new, concerned about damage to a property, or looking for guidance on a complex project, PERCH aims to maximize your value by combining low operating costs with honest, constructible solutions.

Scott A. Silverstein, P.E.

I decided to become an engineer because in my mind’s eye an engineer was the ultimate problem solver: an expert designer, an expert drafter, and an expert builder. It took me a while to figure out that engineers traditionally do only the first task (and sometimes the second), and receive little to no formal training in actual construction.

That disconnect leads to gross inefficiencies during building, when a design might get derailed because of gravity-defying concrete formwork or an inaccessible weld detail. It also reduces the engineer’s investment in the project by keeping the engineer several steps removed from the end user. I aim to rectify both problems.

My goal at PERCH is to work closely with you and everybody else involved in your project. I like to streamline communication between all parties to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. I find it very rewarding to work directly with my customers, who often become my friends.

I’m a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York. My 10-year working background encompasses design, construction, and inspection of everything from two-hundred-year-old farmhouses to mile-long suspension bridges. And my 5 years of carpentry experience enables me to confer effectively with architects, contractors, and all the other players in your next project.