Tiny Tuesday: Carpentry Workshops With a Shot of Tiny

Peter King owns Vermont Tiny Houses, a company that builds custom homes and runs workshops to teach carpentry. King is a lifelong Vermonter and a longtime carpenter and teacher.

In a recent Burlington Free Press article, King admits he anticipated his workshops would draw a community of extreme environmentalists. He has since relaxed that vision, and aims primarily to teach carpentry skills and systems integration (plumbing, septic, electrical) that one could apply to any house. As King says, “A tiny house has all the foibles of a real house, just less of it.” He then imparts his philosophy to his classes, seeing small living as the answer to many of America’s problems including fossil-fuel reliance, severe debt, and lost interpersonal relations.

I applaud King’s business model: he finds landowners looking to build a tiny house, then plans his workshops around the construction of those houses, saving substantial labor costs to the owner. He is currently seeking projects for 2018. Check out his website to learn more.

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