Tiny Tuesday: The Opera Camper

Tiny houses, fifth-wheel trailers, and RVs are great for folks who want to live a minimal lifestyle, with the bonus that they can bring their house along when they move or travel. But all these rolling homes share one major design flaw: a rigid, impermeable roof. Enter the Opera Camper.

Described as “A Luxurious Private Suite on Wheels,” the Opera sports teak finishes and LED uplighting inside, and shoehorns a kitchen, shower, toilet, and two adjustable beds into its roomy 240 square feet. But its big innovation is an “exterior cloth of polyester yarn with natural look.” Yes, the Opera is a tent.


The Opera camper in action.

You’ll get the atmosphere of traditional camping with none of the hassle. The Opera sets up in minutes with the push of a button (not counting the wing shade which you’ll still have to stake by hand). A gas-powered, thermostat-controlled heater provides hot air to the interior, and with R-0 insulation the airspace above your camper gets heated too – a boon for wildlife. A 12-volt battery provides electrical power when staying at “bush” campsites that are so primitive they don’t have a plug-in. The tent fabric folds down for transport under a weatherproof lid, so you don’t need to worry about rain or security except when you’re actually using it.


Inside the Opera camper.

Best of all, at a base price of €27,680 euro plus €340 delivery charges (which amounts to just over $34,000 US), the Opera costs only 1000 times as much as a basic two-person tent. The website explains, “Although accommodation costs can be a consideration for the traveller, particularly on longer trips, this is not our primary concern.” Get yours today.

(April Fools Day didn’t fall on a Tuesday this year, but close enough.)

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