Tiny Tuesday: Meet the GOhome

Lincoln Brown is an architectural illustrator in Burlington, Vermont. His firm produces lifelike renderings of houses and cityscapes, both exteriors (showing architectural elements and landscaping) and interiors (with wall finishes, furniture, and even library books shown to the last detail). Since Brown depicts visions of as-yet-unbuilt structures for his career, it’s not surprising to see his pet project depicting a future reality of his own creation. The GOhome, as illustrated in this SevenDays Nest article, is a concept of moveable microhousing.

Each module measures about 30 feet by 10 feet by 10 feet, and includes windows and built-in furnishings. It’s a single-piece house demonstrating the volumetric method of modular construction. Brown’s innovation lies in how the modules combine to form a reconfigurable condo complex.

The infrastructure required to achieve this vision is insane. Like the Kasita, the GOhome relies on skeletal frames built in a variety of cities, each designed to hold a certain number of modules in a condo configuration. Unlike the Kasita, the GOhome concept also outfits each frame with a gantry crane that can slide units in and out of any slot,then place them (this is where it really gets nutty) on a railway flatcar that rolls through the complex along an integral track. Altogether the effect is austere, a departure from the coziness of Brown’s other work.

This somewhat dystopian video (you might prefer to turn off the music) demonstrates how a module can be installed in a condo frame, removed, and transported by train to an exotic destination – where, of course, an identical condo frame is waiting to accept it.

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