Tiny Tuesday: SHEDsistence

Samantha and Robert are outdoor enthusiasts – so they simplified their lives to maximize the time they can spend in the mountains. They pared their belongings down to fit inside a 204-square-foot house on wheels, which they call SHED. The name is a play on words: not only is the house about the size of a shed, but any item that’s not essential to their outdoor pursuits in the Pacific Northwest is an item the couple has shed from their lives.

I love the modern styling of the house, both outside and in. A simple roofline has the right proportions for a space this size; I never cared for the tiny houses that jack up the roof with dormers all over. A diagonally recessed entry lends aesthetic interest to the broad side and makes the building look like a home. Looking at the front door, the house could be 80 feet deep or 10. Built-in seating and storage indoors make the place feel spacious and bright.


SHED main living space.

Here are a few notes from the blog of the builders/owners: “We employed some unique construction techniques including the use of 2×3 framing with continuous exterior insulation that results in a lighter wall with superior thermal performance.” “You may be surprised to hear that our design gives up 24 square feet (of our 204 sf total) for a special, externally accessible “gear room” to hold all of our outdoor gear, which we consider essential tools to our health and happiness.” “There are a lot of beautiful and amazing tiny houses out there, but your favorite will always be the one you built with your own hands!”


Samantha and Robert show off their outdoor stuff. Between the car and the SHED, everything fits.

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