The Way of the Bard is a group of high school students who gather regularly in Shelburne, Vermont to practice storytelling, dance, music, and dramatic performance, in the tradition of Shakespeare and Chaucer. The group hosts an annual fall retreat called Borderlands, where families follow a trail through the woods and meet the young bards along the journey. They also run the wildly popular Enchantment Camps, already sold out for this summer, immersing children 7 and up in an imaginative world of magic spells and mythical creatures – plus a daily game of Quiddich.

The current group of 18 has been together for four years, and as they graduate high school they plan to culminate their experience by visiting Ireland. To raise money for the trip, the group built a tiny house on wheels and is giving it away through a raffle. At 6 feet by 7 feet with no utilities, the structure would make a great office, playhouse, or warm-weather guest house. Right now it’s furnished with a twin bed, table, and bench. Visit the website to watch a video of the construction and to buy raffle tickets for $10 apiece.

The Teeny Tiny House under construction.

Rising high school students in the area can also apply to form the next Way of the Bard group in the fall of 2017.


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