Tiny Tuesday: Win an Envi Heater (plus an action)

Building excitement for his upcoming workshop in Los Angeles, tiny house goofball spokesperson Deek Diedrickson is giving away an Envi, an slim electric wall-mounted convection heater. Envi claims it can warm 150 square feet, which could equal a large bedroom, a medium living space, or a small house. To enter, all you have to do is share this quick video on Facebook before 8pm EST today.

Promo for the upcoming Tiny House workshop in LA.

Today’s action: Call your senators and ask them to stop the confirmation of Scott Pruitt as the next Administrator of the EPA. Pruitt has said of global warming that “the debate is far from settled,” and as Oklahoma State Attorney General he has repeatedly sued the EPA to fight regulation of fossil fuels. Yesterday the Office of Government Ethics cleared Pruitt of any financial conflict of interest, and he now faces confirmation by the US Senate. Nominees are rarely rejected, but controversial picks often withdraw themselves.

You can look up the phone numbers of your senators here.

Sample script: Hello, my name is Scott Silverstein and I live in Waitsfield, Vermont. I’m calling to express my concern about Mr. Trump’s nomination of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, because Mr. Pruitt’s history in public office shows a lack of concern for the environment and a disregard for scientific facts. For these reasons, I’d like ask Senator (Leahy, Sanders) to oppose this nomination. Thank you for your time.

Don’t be afraid to call. The interns who answer the phone are really nice.

Thanks to Laura Casey.

About the Author Scott

When I decided as a teenager that I would become an engineer, what I really wanted to do was build houses. But then I went to college and got tricked into thinking I should work for a big company, design big structures, and make lots of money. With a professional license in my pocket, it's time to get back to following my dreams, and I hope my perspective can teach you something new.

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