Tiny Tuesday: Build These Cabins on Your Lunch Break

Compassion Homes, based in Colorado Springs (the de facto Tiny House Capital of the World), has developed shelters with the durability of stud-wall homes, and the constructability of a tent. Insulated wall modules are easy to ship, and two people can assemble them in about an hour, with zero tools or hardware other than what comes in the package.

The nonprofit’s website describes two models for living: the Bunkhouse, which sleeps six in a footprint of about 8 feet by 8 feet, and the Cabin, which offers more room for longer-term habitation and includes glass windows and heating. (There’s also a bathroom model.) The models are intended for people desperately in need of shelter. As described in this Steamboat Today article, Compassion Homes is working with the city of Dallas to develop a community for the homeless there. Elsewhere, the organization focuses on disaster relief, working to source local materials and teach residents how to erect the shelters.


Inside the Bunkhouse model.

Construction is simple, in part, because these buildings don’t provide plumbing, wastewater systems, or electricity. The Bunkhouse looks about as comfortable as a bare shipping container, but the Cabin has at least some level of climate control. In both cases the ceiling/roof appears to be plain canvas. Still, both models have withstood wind and snow load testing to match standard US codes.

I’d love to see this assembly concept applied to larger, more functional, and better-looking homes.

Thanks to Brett Silverstein.

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