Tiny Tuesday: The Gooseneck Trailer

Here is one of my favorite tiny house designs I’ve seen recently. Carrie and Shane built the house on wheels in 2012, lived in it for a year and a half, and since then have rented it as a guest house. They documented the design and the construction of this house (along with a lot of inspirations and deep thoughts) in their blog, Clothesline Tiny Homes.


Layout of Carrie and Shane’s house on wheels.

The gooseneck trailer is an unusual design choice that provides support for an extended loft. I love how they worked it into the layout, with steps leading up each side of the bed. Those steps seem practical in a way most tiny houses are not – a couple can sleep here without crawling over each other constantly. They also conceal tons of storage, as do built-ins throughout the house. The couple built custom furniture and kitchen cabinets themselves, piece by piece, out of plywood.


The custom-built, storage-laden plywood shell below the sofa.

To read about their house design from the beginning, start here. It’s fascinating what work the couple chose to hire out (electrical and plumbing, mainly) versus do themselves (metal roofing, insulation, furnace). The balance between saving money and doing the work properly weighs heavily on their minds, and inspires other great blog entries like this one, in which the couple ponders why they’re building a tiny house after a moment of crippling doubt onsite. Carrie’s thoughts on the value of ownership, or rather “stewardship” (as she calls it), are particularly moving.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Tuesday: The Gooseneck Trailer

  1. hello there! I liked your post about our tiny house, very nice to see others appreciating our efforts – both in design and construction and in blogging.
    one clarification: we still own our tiny house, it’s OUR guest house! living in a tiny house enabled us to save money to buy land and build a normal sized house. and then keeping the tiny house for a guest house allowed us to build small – 1,000 sf / 1bd, 1ba.
    we’re still loving it. though appreciating not actually living in it full time!

    • Thanks Carrie, and it’s great to hear from you. I have corrected the information in my blog post. I’ll probably never meet you, but I appreciate that you have brought me some clarity especially on the intangible value of ownership/stewardship.

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