Tiny Tuesday: Think Inside the Box

The Lisefski house on wheels has a footprint of 160 square feet and overflows (figuratively) with clever design. Located in northern California, it’s a comfortable space for a self-employed couple to live and work. Alex Lisefski designed and built it himself.

A great room doubles as an office for two, elegantly concealing a sitting desk and a standing desk. A shallow wall-mounted sink enables a full bathroom, avoiding a common tiny-house sanitary pitfall where the only sink is in the kitchen. The lofted bedroom is much more than just a bed, with a headboard nightstand, a closet, and enough space to walk – OK, crawl – along the perimeter. Open storage abounds with strategic shelves around the kitchen and overhead. Large windows flood (figuratively again) the house with natural light.

To keep it highway legal, Alex made the house basically a box, skipping a classic roofline and exterior architectural features in favor of contemporary efficiency. This design decision – maxing out the towable limits – is a growing trend among tiny house builders, and I don’t care for the aesthetic, even dressed up in natural wood and metal siding as Alex’s house is. And much as I like the openness of the front half of the house, it leaves little structure for shear strength, which increases the threat of racking in heavy wind or while on the road. The front porch could use braces or struts to reduce the effective length of the posts.

Check out The Tiny Project website to view more pictures, read Alex’s blog, and buy house plans.

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