Tiny Tuesday: Tiny Houses Go Mainstream

You’ve read the blogs praising little homes and you’ve seen the TV shows glamorizing them. Now it’s easier than ever to own your own. 84 Lumber makes history this week as the first nationwide company to sell tiny houses.

According to the building supply chain’s tiny house website, you can buy one at any of their store locations. The company, which has a history of selling complete-home kits, will eventually offer four basic plans. All are under 200 square feet, and they span the architectural spectrum from traditional Craftsman to sleek contemporary.

There are also three options for construction, depending on how handy you are. “Build Your Own” starting at $7000 includes a custom trailer, detailed plans, and a materials list. (All materials can be purchased at – guess where? – 84 Lumber.) “Semi-DIY” from $20,000 includes a walled-in shell with windows and doors, allowing you to complete the interior, siding, and roof. “Move-in Ready” from $50,000 gets you a finished tiny house on wheels. (This one takes them 8-10 weeks to build custom details of your choosing.)

Of course, as I’ve written before, building your tiny house is the easy part. To actually live in one you’ll face significant challenges like zoning, inspections, bank loans, and insurance. Tiny houses still fall into a grey area of the law, and 84 Lumber’s FAQ page does give tips on how to make a tiny house your lawful residence. I think it’s pretty cool that a big mainstream company is doing that.

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