Tiny Tuesday – The Candidates’ Houses

Two Democrats and six Republicans remain in the 2016 US presidential race. It’s safe to say that one of these candidates will move into the White House in January 2017. But where do they live now?

Apropos of nothing, here are the current homes of all those left standing. None are tiny, but several are, shall we say, average. And for a few candidates, the 55,000-square-foot Executive Residence may feel like a step down.


Jeb Bush | Coral Gables, FL (via realtor.com)


Ben Carson | West Palm Beach, FL (via Jeff Realty)

(image removed for copyright)

Hillary Clinton | Chappaqua, NY (via buildingvaluation.blogspot.com)

Clinton also owns a 5000-square-foot house in Washington, DC.


Ted Cruz | Houston, TX (via redpilltimes)

Cruz’s home, a 19th-floor condo, is the smallest of any candidate at 1700 square feet.


John Kasich | Westerville, OH (via Forbes)


Marco Rubio | Miami, FL (via ABC News)


Bernie Sanders | Burlington, VT (via MH Property Services)

Sanders’s home is valued at $320,000, the lowest of any candidate. Sanders also owns a 900-square-foot townhouse in Washington, DC.


Donald Trump | New York, NY (via Huffington Post)

Trump lives on the top three floors of Trump Tower. Trump also owns a 110,000-square-foot estate in Palm Beach, FL.

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