Tiny Tuesday: Flood Relief

Many Carolina residents lost their homes to flooding in October 2015, and a tiny house company wants to help. Driftwood Homes USA hopes to raise $50,000 for materials and labor to build a few of their airy cottages on wheels. When complete, they’ll donate the cottages to deserving families, as described in an article on Little Things.

This is a fantastic idea. By providing homes that are quick to build and use less material, it’s possible to help families with a relatively small amount of funding. Driftwood has nearly completed its first house, which it says will cost $25,000. The beachy interior has two bedroom lofts and uses elegant fixtures and finishes throughout. The layout looks comfortable for a couple or a young family, though I’m not sure where to move the loft ladder when you want to use the kitchen or bathroom.


Inside the first crowdfunded Driftwood home.

I also like the idea that a house on wheels is flood-proof. If rising waters are in the forecast, just hitch your house to a pickup truck and drive to higher ground. Of course, not everyone has access to a towing vehicle, or the means to leave their livelihood far in advance of the next Hurricane Katrina (instead of getting trapped in a traffic snarl when panic sets in). The poor always suffer most in a natural disaster, and there is no magic bullet to prevent that. But at least the decision to run becomes easier if you can take your house with you.

You can donate to Driftwood’s gofundme campaign here.

Thanks to Laura Schutz.

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