Tiny Tuesday: Let’s Talk About It

Alex Pino has been writing about small house living since 2009. I met him in 2013 at the Yestermorrow Tiny House Fair, where he gave a presentation called “Free Yourself of Stuff” about how to downsize without sacrificing quality of life. His website, Tiny House Talk, updates almost daily with the latest simple dwellings he’s found: custom homes on trailers for sale, DIY kits, unique homes on foundations.

Three quarters of the posts are basically eye candy, but Tiny House Talk goes deeper than that. It’s a resource for the what and also the how and the why of small living. Every knowledge-base article on the site contains research from numerous sources, with plenty of pictures and links galore. I appreciate a Q+A on how to build for a colder climate. It’s interesting that putting a house on wheels is actually a plus since it eliminates deep foundation walls for frost protection, though it does require extra insulation in the floor to compensate.

My favorite thing about Alex is that he sees small living as a means, not an end. He lives in a 500-square-foot apartment, palatial compared to most of the houses he writes about, but he believes in living deliberately and minimizing throwaways. My favorite nugget from his 2013 presentation: “Quality keeps you out of stores,” meaning one well-made item (shirt, skillet, phone… anything) can outlast many cheaper items and cost less in the long run. What’s important is not the size of your home, but the principles that guide your choice.

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