Tiny Tuesday: Spoiler Alert

One third of all food in the United States never gets eaten. The problem goes far beyond the perishables in your fridge right now that you’ll end up throwing away… it’s a byproduct of the way food businesses are structured. Farmers can’t find a market for everything they raise; complicated supply chains let surpluses fall through the cracks; deliveries get rejected for cosmetic imperfections; grocery stores and restaurants overpurchase. Meanwhile, food banks and other nonprofits trying to feed a hungry population can’t fill their shelves fast enough.

Enter a new service that connects New England food organizations: Spoiler Alert. (Despite the name, they don’t give away the ending to the latest blockbuster movie. Go ahead, visit their website.) You can think of Spoiler Alert as the craigslist of food. Food vendors can offer their imperfect/soon-to-expire/overstock as a donation or for a deeply discounted price. Then buyers, mainly 501(c)(3) nonprofits, arrange a pickup or delivery. The site handles all transactions and also assists with tax benefits.

When perfectly good food goes to a landfill, it’s a waste of the resources that grew and delivered that food, a strain on the landfills themselves, and an expense for the folks throwing it away. Not only that, but it’s actually ILLEGAL in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont to dispose of food above a certain weight. Spoiler Alert offers a “why didn’t I think of that?” kind of solution. If you’re on board with the idea, be sure to tell your local farmers, distributors, and restaurant owners about this great platform!

Thanks to Alexis Daniels.

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