Tiny Tuesday: Discovering Security

There are two ways to be rich: one is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.
–Jackie French Koller, children’s author

It’s 2008, and Ryan Mitchell gets laid off from what should have been a stable job. The Charlotte, North Carolina native wonders how to improve his situation: “So, I look at my budget, and about a half of my income was going toward housing – rent, utilities, insurance, all this kind of stuff.”

Ryan starts a blog, The Tiny Life, to catalogue his ideas for downsizing. The blog gradually morphs into what it is today: an expert resource for all things tiny house. All things considered, Ryan then builds one of his own. It takes him a year and a half to build his 150-square-foot house on wheels, working nights and weekends. Once it’s finished, he moves out of an apartment for good.

Ryan’s blog covers a wide range of topics both technical (“Preparing for an Off-Grid Winter”) and whimsical (“How to Decorate Your Tiny House for the Holidays”). In a recent interview for The Boston Globe, Ryan celebrates one year in his house and explains how big it feels, thanks to what he calls “intentional design.” With his low expenses, he is self-employed and he has the financial security to travel frequently and experiment with new business ideas. It’s an inspiring story.

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