Tiny Tuesday: The Shelter Pioneer

Lloyd Kahn is one of America’s great builders. His career spans five decades of developing efficient and inventive uses of materials, space, and energy. More than just prescient, he established many principles of green building that are now mainstream.

Lloyd pioneered many geodesic dome homes in the 1960s and published early versions of today’s tiny houses in the 1970s. He founded Shelter Publications and penned many books on homebuilding, including the natural-materials bible, Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter. Now 80, he continues to accept speaking engagements and writes almost daily.

I’ve taken to telling people I’m not the tiny homes guy, I’m the build-it-yourself guy, and that the important thing about the tiny home “movement” is not that all people should be living in tiny homes, but that the size of new homes should be getting smaller, rather than continuing to grow in size.
-Lloyd Kahn

Check out The Shelter Blog, which complements Lloyd’s business much as Engineer Unplugged complements mine. In it, Lloyd and his partners discourse on various examples of architecture they’ve found, with a definite emphasis on the small and unique. I love it.

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