No Noise is Good Noise

A couple months ago, Jas hired me to help him soundproof his kitchen ceiling. We completed the first half over three partial days, working around each other’s availability. Recently I returned for one more day at Jas’s house and we made quick work of the second half.

Jas made a material run before I arrived, so we had all the necessary Advantech and drywall on hand. I resumed the familiar sequence: measure, cut, install. I planned out the pieces to ensure we staggered our joints (so a drywall seam never lined up with an Advantech seam) and left as few scraps as possible.

Advantech spans over the central beam.

Advantech spans over the central beam.

The central support beam posed a challenge. Floor joists landing on this beam did not quite line up with one another, so I cut the Advantech pieces narrow enough to just slide through the choke point. (We filled in the resulting triangular voids with skinny Advantech scraps, then cut the drywall to cover them.) Compounding our installation problem, the piece nearest the exterior wall needed to sneak its way over the convexity of that wall – it’s a log cabin, after all. In light of these difficulties, Jas and I dry-fit every single piece (and re-cut if necessary) before gluing and screwing to the ceiling.

Jas had a brilliant brainstorm to speed up the Advantech installation. Not only did we drill pilot holes for the 1½” screws, we also drilled the screws themselves partway into the wood before raising the piece to the ceiling. One hand on the drill and one hand to steady the piece… way easier than one hand holding the screw, trying to pin the piece against the ceiling with an elbow or neck. We also used our T-prop in lieu of a third pair of hands to keep the longest pieces from sagging.

Drilling the last few drywall screws.

Drilling the last few drywall screws.

The white drywall has brightened the kitchen and dining room considerably, and we can use trim to hide the rough edges if Jas wants. More importantly, he can clang pots without disturbing anyone upstairs. Our two layers of material and soundproofing glue really do wonders to absorb the noise.

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