Tiny Tuesday: Picture Perfect

Saving the planet with smarter buildings is great, but sometimes you just don’t feel like reading any more. The words start to pile together, you skim over the technical stuff, confuse thermal envelopes with air-source heat pumps. Sometimes all you want is to look at pretty pictures and swoon.

Look no further than smallhouseswoon for the little-house picture therapy you need. This site (along with its even littler counterpart, tinyhouseswoon) daily presents a new house to ogle. Click the lead-in image for a slew of additional angles, with no text whatsoever. It may not be an intelligent forum to discuss the benefits and challenges of living like this, but it sure is fun to look.

About the Author Scott

When I decided as a teenager that I would become an engineer, what I really wanted to do was build houses. But then I went to college and got tricked into thinking I should work for a big company, design big structures, and make lots of money. With a professional license in my pocket, it's time to get back to following my dreams, and I hope my perspective can teach you something new.

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