Paint the Town

After four trips to Massachusetts over nine-plus months, I finished the work on my parents’ laundry room and hallway. It started with patching a hole in one wall, then progressed to removing wallpaper, smoothing surfaces with joint compound and wood putty, and applying a coat of primer. And at last, this week, I painted.

For the walls my parents chose a color called Sea Foam; for the doors and trim they went with a bright white. I spent an afternoon brushing on the first coat of Sea Foam and immediately realized something was wrong. The paint chip showed a pale but definite green, as did the numerous sample squares my Mom painted before my arrival. On the walls in full though, I could barely distinguish from the trim, or even the primer. Everything looked uncomfortably white.

I’ll never know if we misjudged the color or if the paint store somehow gave us the wrong amount of pigment. But first thing the next morning they remixed the paint can a shade darker, and the new Sea Foam Plus worked marvelously. I gave every wall two coats of Sea Foam Plus, using a brush for the perimeters and a roller for the expanses, and leaving 24 hours to dry between coats.

It’s kind of tricky to paint walls and trim two different colors. In the past I’ve completed the walls first, then used painter’s tape to protect the walls while I did the trim. This week, lacking the luxury of time, I relied on a steady hand and did both colors simultaneously. One nice thing about starting with primer is that it doesn’t absorb wet paint right away… so if I accidentally dripped some Sea Foam Plus on my white trim, but noticed my mistake immediately, I could usually wipe it up with a paper towel or a finger. The paint job really transforms these rooms. I am very satisfied with the result!

Still need to reinstall the medicine cabinet. (I painted that, too.)

Still need to reinstall the medicine cabinet. (I painted that, too.)

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