Terry installed the last little white triangle today, and now the siding is complete. Next we’ll focus on the front porch.

No other component of Colin’s house took as long as the siding; not even close. (The best contender would be getting the site to drain properly, which is still a work in progress but with far less active labor.) We started siding way back in October, and we probably devoted 600 man-hours to the task. We worked in 85-degree heat and freezing cold, in rain and snow and gale-force wind. We used ladders, ladders on top of roofs, homemade scaffolds, and a bucket lift to reach the highest points. We emptied our massive original delivery of siding and needed about four boxes more to finish. What a relief to be done.

I wasn’t at the house for this occasion so I have little more to say about it. Just thrilled to pass a major milestone!

North gable end of the Barn... all done!
North gable end of the Barn… all done!

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