Float On

Hans and I took a morning to install flooring in the guest bedroom. It’s a floating floor, which means it sits atop the subfloor with no staples, nails, or glue to hold it in place. Hans unrolled some foam underlayment to prevent squeaks and squawks, and then we were off to the races.

Our floorboards are tongue-and-groove wood with what looks like recycled plastic mixed in. They snap together seamlessly in both directions. It took some doing to get started – without fasteners, the first few planks floated all over the floor making it difficult to snap. Eventually Hans grabbed some 3/8-inch shims to space out our assembly from the walls (eventually ¾-inch baseboard will cover the gap), and that helped hold things in place; the increasing weight of the assembly helped, too.

Snapping in the most difficult floorboard.

Snapping in the most difficult floorboard.

The hardest part was fitting around the doorway. A wall slices halfway through this floorboard, and prevented me from sliding it in like I did elsewhere. I had to fit the tongue on an angle, rotate the piece into place, and then install the rest of that row in reverse. I wasted a floorboard trying to cut out both door jambs properly – my first cut left too large a gap, since baseboard won’t extend around the jambs. Once I got it right, the last couple rows of floorboards installed easily.

Hans proceeded to cut and install doorway trim followed by a threshold, which he’ll paint in place. Meanwhile I got on the roof to fit some window trim and replace some siding. I’ll leave that discussion for another day.

Hans faces the guest room doorway.

Hans faces the guest room doorway.

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