Window Treatment

A week of sunshine and highs in the 80s finds us outside. We switched around some scaffolds, and then worked top to bottom pulling clapboards from most sides of the house, saving the ones that didn’t crack on removal. With bare walls we could proceed with our window treatments.

Pronounced “clabb’rds”.

Two more new windows got installed: a replacement on the east gable end, and a new one at the foot of the stairs for which we’d framed the rough opening months ago. We cut lumber or plywood to fill any hollows or soft spots in the wall, and to shrink each rough opening to just exceed the new window’s dimensions. We also stapled new Typar to the wall. Once the window fit plumb and level, I nailed the flanges with roofing nails and taped the perimeter with Protecto (a rival to Zip-Tape I guess).

Hans nails the flanges of the new bottom-of-the-stairs window.

Hans nails the flanges of the new bottom-of-the-stairs window.

For the exterior, our window treatment consists of 1×6 trim on all four sides, using a plastic wood called Azec. It’s waterproof and supposedly maintenance-free, but we had major issues cleaning off the mud and grease stains after storing it outdoors. A rag drenched in Acetone finally did the job.

Hans cut pieces to fit tight around each perimeter, then used a table saw to kerf the inside corners. I installed the pieces flat with some finicky finish screws – they have threads in both directions, making them very hard to remove, plus they strip easily. The kerf prevented the window flanges from tipping the trim pieces out. Eventually somebody will caulk the remaining gaps between our windows and our trim. I tried it but kept making a mess, requiring me to break out the Acetone again.

Exterior trim in progress.

Exterior trim in progress.

For the interior, it’s a similar story, except the trim is 1×4 pine that gets painted – see the picture above. Mark took care of this. I certainly didn’t mind getting the outdoor jobs this week!

Kona and Ranger got outdoor jobs, too.

Kona and Ranger got outdoor jobs, too.

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