Tiny Tuesday: Life, Edited

If you enjoy Tiny Tuesday, you’ll love today’s link. It’s called Life Edited, and it will transform you as a person, guaranteed. Go ahead and check it out. I’ll still be here when you return.

Back? Good. The blog’s author is David Friedlander, who also wrote a widely distributed article about making your home fit your lifestyle. Life Edited entries are more short-form (to keep your attention) and cover a much broader array of topics. No groundbreaking ideas here, just someone looking at the excesses of American culture and finding a better way.

David takes us on lots of virtual tours of beautiful efficient apartments and small homes, but he doesn’t stop there. It’s the lifestyle articles that really make this blog shine: simple ideas that can save you time, energy, and money. Products like multipurpose clothing to streamline your wardrobe, and vehicles that reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing the utility of a car. Suggestions to improve your health and take control of your life. Ways to fight consumerism and benefit from a sharing economy.

"My city is my living room." -David Friedlander

“My city is my living room.” -David Friedlander

David doesn’t lionize; he’s careful to point out the shortcomings of each proposal, which I find refreshing. Every page ends with a list of “similar articles” to click, so you can lose yourself for hours in there. (Sure beats Netflix!) And with near-daily updates, this fountain of inspiration never runs dry.

Infinite thanks to Abby Rehkugler for turning me on to Life Edited!

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