What’s New

I’m excited to introduce two new pages to Engineer Unplugged. They’re references to help you find your way around the site and to give you a leg up when you begin a building project of your own.

First is a Glossary. Here I define all the funky terminology that comes up in the narration from time to time. Read it through and you’ll be talking like a contractor in no time.

Second is a Sourcebook. Here I list all the individuals and companies that have worked on this house. They’re broken down into three categories: Building Professionals, Design Professionals, and Suppliers. Where possible, I also provide contact info so you can get in touch with these great folks yourself.

Both pages are accessible via the new menu on the right sidebar (or at the bottom for mobile browsers, I think). They’re works in progress, meaning I’ll add to the pages as my knowledge and inspiration allow. Enjoy!

About the Author Scott

When I decided as a teenager that I would become an engineer, what I really wanted to do was build houses. But then I went to college and got tricked into thinking I should work for a big company, design big structures, and make lots of money. With a professional license in my pocket, it's time to get back to following my dreams, and I hope my perspective can teach you something new.


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